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From idiots to riches - and back ... Ever since it with my Greek financial advisors were no more delicious cookies to meetings, I should have known something. Was the last cookie it when I bought a Romanian forest funds and leveraged discount certificates on lean hogs - which is sort of a more stringent bet that the price of lean hogs will remain stable, and that's nothing special because it is also available for cattle and cotton and fat pig. Again and again and I joked Kosmas Nikiforos Sarantakos. About all the part-time seer who tremblingly put for fear the euro crisis gold coins under the salami slices of their frozen pizzas And then came the day that revealed to me in almost Sarantakos fraudulent casualness that my plan had not worked out really. 'Why all of a sudden> my plan', 'I heard myself asking yet, but it was in the garage I realized what that really meant minus 211.2 percent in my portfolio report: personal bankruptcy, gutter and Drug Addiction with subsequent loss of the incisors . Not even the study of my friend, I would still be able to finance. The only way out was to me as quickly as secretly again to draw from this unspeakable Greek shit - I had to be Überman! By far the bekloppteste story about 'idiot' Simon Peter! »Tommy Jaud – Deutschlands witzigste Seite.« Alex Dengler, Bild am Sonntag

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